Work For Charities In Siem Reap

Work For Charities in Siem Reap

Work For Charities In Siem Reap

Charities in Cambodia are crying out for volunteers. What they need are volunteers who can help them with education, modern farming techniques, conservation. Work for Charities In Siem Reap and find untold joy.

Almost everyone who has made the decision to work for charities in Siem Reap has stated it was one of life’s great rewards.

We regret to say, they hardly need any help with religion or politics. Avoid these subjects at all costs no matter what your great intentions are. Discussing these topics are best left to locals. You might just end up in jail – or worse.

Working for a charity in Cambodia is an awesome vocation and is going to be a life changer for you and for them. Many people who work for charities abroad seem to be happier people. You become part of a global synergy.

Finding a Charity in Siem Reap and other Cambodian provinces

However, many of the charities that need you will not have a website and may not even have a Facebook page. You must consider some research into the project and the introducer. CycleBodia has already vetted some suitable charities in Cambodia.  However, we are not a placement company. We offer a meet and greet service which we can tailor to your requirements. This is a socially commercial business that employs locals and keeps all of you money in Cambodia.

And you may even be better off just going somewhere like Cambodia, where you can stay a few days or a week, and you will find the temple that teaches children English. You may be taken off to a small village that needs help with farming and agriculture or looking for water.

Do your homework first before you start to work for a charity abroad. You do not want to end up in some foreign country, especially a second or third world country, with no one that you can depend on. Make sure that you have a fallback position, whether it be a local you know, a meet and greet service like ours or direct contact with family members back home.

Stay Safe In Cambodia

Be mindful that you may not have internet or satellite telephones. Always be able to protect yourself and to make sure that you’re easily found. GPS equipment locators can easily and cheaply be purchased off the internet.

Take care of yourself first, before you can take care of others

Volunteer in Cambodia On The Cheap

Work For Charities In Siem Reap cheaply? Can you actually volunteer in Cambodia cheaply? That depends on many factors. However, most of the companies offering volunteer are more like profiteer. Notwithstanding that statement, some offer great backup services.

Cheap is relative. Find out what a local teacher or whatever would get paid. Can YOU live on that? In Cambodia, a skilled worker might be on as little as $3 per day. We managed a hotel in Siem Reap and our highest paid and qualified workers earned $250 per month. They were considered well paid by Cambodian standards.

Volunteer Opportunities For Teachers In Cambodia

You are going to find volunteer opportunities for teachers in all disciples at all levels in Cambodia. It could be in a well-known school or a small village in rural Cambodia. The most common volunteer opportunities for teachers are in teaching English.

Many countries, including Cambodia are screaming out for English teachers. You will certainly be welcomed if you are a native speaker. They will often ask for a degree, a TEFL or a TESOL. So, before you go volunteer in Cambodia. At the very minimum, get a teaching qualification. They are quite easy for native English speakers.

Before you volunteer as an English Teacher invest a few months into getting the qualifications.

However, if you have a degree in any discipline: especially conservation, medical or agriculture you will be wanted in places like Cambodia.

Work For Charities In Siem Reap All Expenses Paid

Finding volunteer work in Siem Reap or any other provinces in Cambodia with all expenses paid is going to be exceedingly difficult. Or should we say impossible.

The reason that charities and countries require volunteers, is because they have no money. Many of these charities are crying out for donations to keep up their good work. And even if they do offer expenses It will be a few dollars per day.

You’re going to be expected to live like a local. So at least, is going to be unbelievably cheap. You might stay in a hostel or a homestay. It is not going to be a 5-star hotel.

However, anybody who is offering you volunteer work and says that they are going to pay you, you must think twice about it. You must do some due diligence on the charity. Find out if they have a website or Facebook; or send us the details and we will check them for you. Volunteer work is what it is. It’s volunteering, it’s unpaid.

How To Launch Your Volunteering

Most of the readers to CycleBodia are native English speakers. This means you have an ability to teach. To start a volunteering experience, obtain an English Teaching qualification.

In addition to a qualification you should consider some experience. Decide on what age group you want to teach English to and volunteer locally to gain some experience.

Start to save! You are going to have to pay something to someone at somepoint.

What Charities in Siem Reap Need Volunteers

The short answer is all of them. But that does not mean you are going to find one easily. Some are extremely strict on acceptance; especially if you are going to be working with children.

Whilst others will want you to prove that you are who you say you are. Not just a simple Facebook page. You might need references or documented qualifications.

Charities in Sime Reap will want you to be self financing unless you have an exceptional skill

How to start volunteering in Cambodia

Reach out to Cambodian charities via Facebook or their website. Become a member of local Facebook groups and reach out. It does not take a lot of research and most will be helpful. We hate to say this, but a donation of whatever value will show your commitment.

We are not going to list any charities on this page. If you want to volunteer, you will find the best one by doing some research by yourself.

When Volunteering For A Charity in Cambodia – Never Forget

  • Have a fall back plan
  • Enjoy yourself – there are tons of things to do
  • Do not become too involved – you are going to leave.
  • Share your experiences – good and bad


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