International New Year

1st January

Liberation Day

7th January

Acknowledging victory over genocide

A time for hope

Depends on Lunar Cycle

Meak Bochea Day

International Women's Day

March 8th

Visaka Bochea Day

April 29th

International Labour Day

May 1st

Royal Ploughing Ceremony Cambodia

May 3rd

King's Birthday

May 13th - 15th

Day Of Remembrance

May 20th

A Time Of Hope


Happy Birthday June 18th

Constitution Day

September 24th

Bonn P'chum Ben

Ancestor's Day

October 8th - 10th

King Sihanouk Commemoration Day

October 15th

Cambodia Independence Day

November 9th

Water and Moon Festival

November 21st - 23rd

Human Rights Day

December 10th