Meet & Greet In Siem Reap

Who is using our meet and greet service? You will be surprised by the type of tourist that come to Siem Reap. We welcome one and all. Cyclebodia DMC can cater for virtually anything your heart desires.  

Our native English and Khmer speakers can help make your holiday utterly unforgettable.

Many of the Destination Management Companies give great importance to the culture, history, and attractions of Cambodia, which is fantastic. There is a good chance you will already have researched how awesome Cambodia is.

What we care about is YOU, and what we can do for YOU.

Let us get to know you. What type of traveller are you? You can complete our get to know you form on our website. You can be more than one type of traveller; all the options are multi choice. We are not putting you into an insignificant box. The more we know, the better we can help you with your expedition.

Let our meet and greet team create an awesome experience in the land of wonder for you.

What Type Of Traveller Are You

  1. Lazy: Travellers who want to arrange extraordinarily little. They want to turn up a destination and everything is laid on for them
  2. Concerned Parents: allowing younger people to have an adventure (minimum 16 years old). Their concern is that their offspring will be left to take care of themselves. We keep an eye on them for you.
  3. Charities and non-profits. The want their people focusing on the goals and objectives of the organisation. Or you might be considering visiting charities by your own.
  4. Photographers so they can focus on picture taking. They want to know that their equipment is safe, and that they will get from A to B efficiently and safely.
  5. Good Panners – knowing exactly and precisely what can be expected when they arrive at their destination. You will be given a full itinerary.
  6. Chill Out and Rechargers. Hotel with everything you need – we know them for all budgets.
  7. Budget Conscious Travellers – all expenses covered. Once you have paid for our services all you need is your daily budget
  8. Groups – need special organisation so that they have easy access to hotels, bars, and attractions. We can take the responsibility for getting it right. Golf groups will love Siem Reap.
  9. Culture Vulture – Cambodia has it by the bucket load – we can arrange well versed guides.
  10. Retirees and Empty Nesters. You have done all the hard work for years to get here – let us do the rest.
  11. Luxury Traveller – you will find some awesome meet and greet service in Siem Reap. Additional prices may be required if you want to upgrade. However, we feel comfortable that you will find our selections awesome. There are a few world class hotels here. Including a couple of boutique hotels that are genuinely stunning.
  12. Thrill Seeker. Balloon trips, quad biking, mountain biking,
  13. Self-Improver. Are you taking time out of the hustle and bustle to do a bit of self-improvement?
  14. The Pilgrim. Spend time understanding Buddhism and extensive tours of Angkor Wat Complex and 100’s of temples.
  15. Solo Traveller – you might be on your own, but you will not be alone in a strange country. You can be confident with our meet and greet service. Our ice breaker, and coffee shop are great meeting places with faces you will already know.
  16. Pioneers – we can direct you to incredible sights and attractions. Bat caves, Bambood railway, dictators resting place.
  17. Rejuvenator and Spa – cool spas on hot days. Great food in relaxed restaurants. Awesome value for money. Luxury for every budget.
  18. Clueless – we know what it is all about. Just tell us to entertain you.
  19. Volunteer – we have several charities you can visit. Generally, we will not visit orphanages. However, we know some great children’s schools.
  20. Genuinely Curious. You will want to see the lesser known places of interest. Visit small villages and get in among it.

Our meet and greet team are prepared for all types of travellers.

Meet & Greet Pricing

CycleBodia along with our partners can offer itineries from a basic airport pickup and hotel delivery to an all inclusive 5 star adventure. All it takes is a $25 USD deposit and everything will be organised for your arrivial in the Kingdom of Wonder. The prices are per person based on a 10 day stay. Upgrades and extensions are available in Cambodia


$89Hit The Ground Running
Airport Pickup
Pics for social media
Arrival foot massage
1/2 day city orientation
1/2 language introduction
Coffee discount for GaaFay
Local mobile SIM
Discounted bike hire
Visa extension advice
Onward travel booking service

Chill & Spa

$795Relax | Chill | Unwind
Everything in basic
Free excursion insurance
Angkor Wat day tour
Ice breaker party
VIP access to local events
Daily massage and spa
Unlimited coffee at GaaFay
Food tour
Free bike hire
Free visa extension
Local charity visit

5 Star

$1,695Luxury Traveller
Everything in basic & chilll
Daily massage & spa
Angkor Wat weekly access
Aspara dancing evening
Bamboo railway ride
Bat caves tour
Killing fields visit
Wine tasting event
Phare circus show
Daily tuk tuk service
Translater & guide
Eco tour
meet and greet in siem reap