Siem Reap Bike Tour

As you may suspect many of our guides for the Siem Reap Bike Tour and not active at the moment. Nor are some of us in country. We plan to open as soon as Covid19 has a vaccine and you can safey cycle in Cambodia.

We would love to hear from you with any requirements. Pop over to our about us page or our contact page.

Alertnatively you might want to hear more about our meet and greet service in Siem Reap.

Getting To Know You

A few minutes invested now, means that we can discover how we can match you to an awesome adventure in Cambodia with it’s ancient Khmer culture and modern outlook.

From a bucket list visit to Angkor Wat to eating at some of the best fusion restaurants in Asia. From a Singapore Sling at Raffles to exotic drinks at a cocktail bus by the river.