Is Cambodia Safe For Travelers | How To Be Careful

Cambodia Is Safe For Travelers | How To Be Careful

This is not to say that there are obvious dangers to avoid on a trip. However, most agree that Cambodia is entirely safe to visit.

What you can do TODAY is book an online tour so that you can have a furst hand experience of Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Put your mind at peace.

Is Cambodia Safe For Travelers

The big question many have on their minds, is Cambodia safe for travelers. This is what we know.

Everyone we have welcomed to Cambodia has never been involved in anything remotely dangerous. Nor have we, or the people we know. Notwithstanding that, some trips are not to the standard of our health and safety homelands. They can be breathtaking and dangerous on an adrenalin level!

Is Cambodia Safe for Cyclists

Some would say in the cities, villages, and towns, it is probably safer than driving. However, it will come as no surprise that some of Cambodia’s roads are “in need of attention”. The obvious precautions should be fine:

  1. Spares. Though every village will have someone to repair a bike. However, the village might not be so near.
  2. Water. Take and drink your own water.
  3. Medical kit. Attend to minor cuts and abrasions immediately.
  4. GPS. Know where you are and where you are going.
  5. Use CycleBodia as a backup to pick you up.
  6. Take a Khmer guide. The cost will be well worth it.
  7. Accident insurance.
  8. Join an organised tour. There are plenty – from value for money to more money than sense.

Is Cambodia Safe To Visit

In general, we would say that Cambodia is safe to visit, if you take simple precautions. Do not forget the obvious; however, we will remind you. Here are our top 10 suggestions:

  1. Do not wear expensive jewelry unless you are at the Governor’s ball. Showing off that you are wealthy is a sure way to attract attention.
  2. Do not flash the cash anywhere. Keep smaller denominations handy and in separate pockets. A pickpocket generally has time to pick one pocket. Even if you have a money belt, keep cash in different pockets.
  3. Take the minimum amount of cash you need for your days spending. In addition, take a debit or credit card with a small balance. Say; $100.
  4. Wear sunscreen. Cambodia can be disastrous on your skin. The last thing you need is to be in pain for several days on a short stay. Take special care of children and those with fair skin. And like this message – after sun in the evening should never be an afterthought.
  5. Drink water and rehydrate, especially on tours. Ensure you take the water with you and avoid using bottles that have been opened. You can but rehydration salts in most pharmacies and shops. Add this into your water.
  6. First aid kit. We supply all our clients with a kit that covers most small incidents. Remember that a graze or a cut can become infected. Better to be safe than sorry.
  7. Make sure you know the area the hotel is in. Try to go for a walk and take 1st rights until your back. Gradually increase by taking the 2nd turnings until back at hotel. Do this in daylight.
  8. “locate my car App”. Use this at the entrance to the hotel on the main road. You will be able to easily find the hotel. Practice at home before you go on your trip to Cambodia or anywhere.
  9. Hotels cards in your trouser pockets, your bag, and your purse/wallet. You are highly unlikely to lose all 3! Hotels will have their number and their address in Khmer. Be mindful that not all drivers can read.
  10.  If you are going on a all day trip; inform your hotel or us where you are going and when you expect to return.

Is Cambodia safe to visit? – we passionately believe so.

Is Siem Reap Safe to Visit

All our team and clients have been very safe in Siem Reap. You can walk about freely in most places – if you have the energy. A stroll beside the river to and from either end of Siem Reap is safe.

The only trouble you might have is negotiating the streets around pub street and the old market. Everyone gets a bit “confused or lost”. Just keep walking and you will soon understand your location. 1st right, until you are back to where you started. Then 2nd right and repeat.

Keep an eye out for the largest tree in Siem Reap and make your way towards it. It is in hospital street at the children’s hospital. The tree can be seen from most places. Head for the tree and start all over again.

Is Siem Reap safe to visit – resounding YES

Is Phnom Penh Safe to Visit

Like any large city Phnom Penh has its darker places. Avoid them! We suggest that you use tuk tuks; or even rent a tuk tuk and driver for the day. It is very reasonable. When I first visited Phnom Penh, I hired a motorbike driver for 3 weeks. It was awesome. You should consider this – guaranteed to take your adventure to a new level.

Stick to the main commercial areas like Sisowath quay. The promenade along the river is great to absorb the atmosphere of Phnom Penh.

Is Cambodia Safe For Cyclists | Part 2

There are a few things you have to be aware of whilst cycling in Cambodia and some factors that are common sense. But as we all know common sense is not that common. The old maxim holds good; if it does not feel right – avoid.

The roads in Cambodia are a lot better than they were 10 or 20 years ago for the adventure cyclist. However, that is not saying a lot. The 2 major factors are potholes (which can be huge) and drivers of fancy cars. These drivers might not be totally aware of the rights of other road users. Another element to consider is medical attention. If you are out in the country an ambulance will not be on call.

At least the roads are not as busy as they are in the West. However, the driving can leave a lot to be desired.

Essential Safety Tips

This is what we believe to be essential to ensure that Cambodia is safe for cyclists. Some of these are standard in our meet and greet packages.

  • Are you fit enough to complete the journey? You are going to have to complete the journey. There might not be suitable alternative transport handy.
  • Is you bike fit enough for the journey? Give it a pedal around town for a day or so before going on any larger trip. Or take one of our supported group trips.
  • Have a hard copy map. If you cannot find one in a shop simply print of a google map. You can also print the directions. GPS is not always available.
  • Be part of a group. It is always safer to have someone to lend support when required.
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you will return. Hotels at either end of the trip.
  • Take a medical kit for you and your bike. If you or the bike have any problems, ensure you attend to them immediately.  As in right now.
  • Take out or have proper accident insurance for any collisions. If you are in a collision with a local, it is invariably you who will have tom pay. It does not matter who caused the accident.
  • GPS locator. Additionally, you can download apps to locate your hotel. We suggest a parked car locator. It might help get you back to where you started.
  • Money. As in cash. Both USD and Riel. Keep to “stashes” in case one is lost. You are not going to find cash machines in rural Cambodia.

Do we believe that Cambodia is safe for cyclists? If you take the right precautions you will love it – safely.

CycleBodia Meet and Greet

CycleBodia offers a meet and greet service that does what many do not. Other than the safety aspect. We are a group who can offer unrivalled service. Here are our unique service offerings

  • Expats and Khmers who can resolve issues quickly. We all have authority to incur any expense to resolve anything that pops up.
  • All of our income remains in Cambodia. Every single riel, cent, penny or whatever.
  • Everyone of our team live in Cambodia. It is not a term being served for an international company.
  • We actively support local communities. Not simply the occasional donation.

How We Take Extra Care of Our Clients

Assuming you have followed our do’s and don’ts you are going to be safe in Cambodia, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and travelling throughout the country. However, we provide some extra security for all our clients. Especially for younger, fist timers and more mature guests.

  1. Personal Alarm. Simple yet effective. However, it is not a shield with superpowers.
  2. First Aid kit. Attend to cuts and grazes immediately. Buy before you go on your trip.
  3. Preprogrammed emergency numbers in a mobile phone.
  4. Flashlight.
  5. Pepper spray – on request. Be careful, the last thing is to be charged with an offence.
  6. Cutting edge personal tracking devices. To include bags and rented transport. We go into details on your arrival in Cambodia.

Why A Picture Of A Cambodian Beach?

is cambodia safe

Many people understand lots of stuff about Cambodia. The floating village, the killing fields of Anlong Veng, Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, Children’s hospitals. Maybe even the bamboo railway, the bat caves, or the elephant sanctuaries. What many travelers miss out on, are the amazing offshore islands of Cambodia. Make sure you visit one or two of them.

Take the bus or cycle!

Come And Visit Cambodia

If your main concern is Cambodia safe to visit? The answer is an unequivocal YES. Get it on your bucket list or get a Cambodian holiday booked today.

We make Cambodia safe for all to enjoy their trip to the absolute maximum.

Our Last word on Safety.

Follow your gut instincts. If you are unsure – give us a call.

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