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Explore Siem Reap With Cooee And Sotin

At the time of writing it is virtually impossible to visit Siem Reap. However a New Zealand company have come up with an awesome solution that we have tested. You can explore Siem Reap and the surrounding area with Sotin (highly experienced and licensed tour guide). We might have been one of the first to stumble upon this, but we will not be the last to use Cooee.

Our video tour did not go as exactly as planned – however, it turned out to be truly worthwhile chatting with Sotin. His English is excellent and he has a wealth of knowledge that would be useful to a newcomer or anyone checking up on how things are in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

You can chat with Sotin and see the usual things. Though mobile intenet is not always great in Cambodia. Or do something different: discuss coffee growing or the Tonle Sap. Maybe a discreet visit to your hotel to see if it resembles the picures in their brochure. Or ask about eco tourism in Cambodia – it does have some great eco tourist destinations. Alittle time and monet spent now guarantees you the adventure you desire. UP TO YOU.

You can see more suggestions on our live tour of Siem Reap page.

How To Book Your Personal Cooee

The following section is a direct link to Cooee. It gives a full description of how your Cooee will work. We do not recieve any commission from Aspiring Adventures nor Sotin. We are willingly promoting this as a service to you, our readers, who want a taste of Cambodia before you start booking your holiday.

Enjoy your virtual trip and we look forward to seeing you on your real trip.

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