5 Cycling Facts | An Introduction from Cyclebodia

5 Cycling Facts | An Introduction from Cyclebodia

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We are dedicated to maximising the benefits of cycling. In this document we give general information.

Cycling, also referred to as bicycling or biking. We can use cycling for so many purposes such as for transport, for exercises and as a sport. Cycling was first introduced in the 19th century and it is used as a primary means of transportation in most part of the countries or in developed countries. Cycling also prevent us from any health issues and keep us healthy. According to some research and some doctors, cycling is preferred way better than running exercise. As we can use cycling in so many different ways, it provides us so many advantages. Some of these advantages are as follows.

Cycling Is Transportation

Cycling is used as transportation in so many countries as it has so many advantages. It can save a lot of money, instead of buying a car, at the same price we can buy a first-class bicycle which can last up to so many years. It does not use any kind of petrol or gasoline, so it does not create air pollution and it is eco-friendly and good for the environment as well. Cycling is the best option for those who cannot afford cars and it is good for them to use a bicycle as it also reduced health issues. So many studies prove that bicycle commuters are way more productive and way more active than an average person and require less time off at work.

Health issues | Cycling Health Benefits

Cycling is greatly beneficial for those who have health issues and health problems. If we want to be fit and healthy then we must do a few exercises daily and cycling is one of the easiest exercises to do it does not require too much stamina or physical activity people of all ages can enjoy cycling. Here are most of the points about how cycling helps us to prevent us from various diseases and how it advantages us. It is better to do cycling every day rather than visiting a doctor for health issues

Cycling As An Exercise To Be Fit

Cycling is one of the easiest exercises to do it can be done by everyone it only consumes your 3 to 4 hours or sometimes only an hour to make you healthy and fit. Here how  cycling helps you, as it is the easiest exercise to do there is also less chance of any injury or harm in cycling all of our muscles workout so it does not require that much physical skill like other exercises do and benefit our whole body cycling also increases our body stamina and strength to do work it is also a fun way to do the exercise you can go to the hills and enjoy the environment and beautiful sceneries

Health Benefits Of Cycling

Cycling is also beneficial for those who have health issues or health-related problems it reduces health problems ,it is also beneficial for those who have  recently gone through the bone injury by doing cycling one can recover from bone injury as it is the best to exercise for them and also recommended by the doctors those who have cardiovascular issues cycling increases the cardiovascular strength and  decreases the chances of heart attack.

Cycling is also helpful for those who have a mental illness like depression stress and anxiety by doing cycling it decreases stress levels and keeps you calm it also increase the strength of bone also helps to prevent body fat those who have obesity and want to lose weight this is the best way to get rid of obesity

Cycling As A Sport

Cycling was first introduced as a sport on May 31, 1868, with a 1200 metre race between the fountains and the entrance of Saint cloud park near Paris there are so many races organised across the country but the most popular one is touring de France it started in 1903 this is the most popular one cycling sport which held every year and it is played on an international level too as a world championship the tour de France can be worth of 2.3 million and the person who won this race gets the whole price there are many types of cycling which are used as a sport such as a road cycling track cycling and mountain cycling are the most common one others are unicycle cycle ball artistic cycling bicycle polo snow cycling and much more.

Used for work

Cycling is also used for so many working purposes. Most of the people consider cycling on cars because they are way cheaper than cars and can be afforded by everyone and sometimes it can be tax-free and consume less tax than d cars so many people use cycles for their work purposes. It is used by mail carriers for mail delivering it is also used by most of the police officers mainly in parks. It is widely used for general delivering services such as for food delivery, newspapers delivering and much more. Many other works like delivering something with short distance some people considered cycling instead of using a car. Cycling is also used mostly by the students to go to schools as they are not allowed to use cars


As there are so many advantages of cycling, we can use cycling for so many things and take advantage of it. In this modern technology world, it is hard to resist our comfort but using things apart from our comfort can prove to be beneficial for us. Most of the people considered cycling is just for kids and deny the advantages of cycling. Cycling is not just a  sport or transportation or doing exercise, it also refreshes our mind, by doing cycling we explore the calmness of the environment and for some time we forget all of our worries and things that irritate us. So, dust off your bicycle in your garage and use it for your benefits and make your life healthy and beautiful. Cycling has so many advantages we should use them and try to keep them on a daily basis.

Cycling in Cambodia

We at cyclebodia look forward to seeing you all in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Although Cambodia is not seen as a cycling destination you will be surprised. In addition, we have some great attractions, spas, and a few temples! We can meet you and organise your complete adventure.

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