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Angkor Hospital for Children

Angkor Hospital For Children

Angkor Hospital for Children: Improving Healthcare for Children

Cambodia has one of the highest death rates for children under five years of age in Southeast Asia. In response, Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) has been providing healthcare for children in Siem Reap since 1999. It is also a hospital that is developing a program that seeks volunteers.

AHC treats children from every province in Cambodia. It also wants to develop a sustainable stream of medical specialists through partnerships and processes for volunteer recruitment, utilisation and feedback. The hospital has welcomed volunteers from many countries and their expertise has helped staff advance their skills and raise the standard of care at AHC.

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Volunteers Make a Difference

Skilled volunteers continue to provide valuable training opportunities to AHC staff. Providing access to information and procedures often difficult to attain in Cambodia.

One volunteer, Professor Richard Henker, who visited AHC three times in 2017 for a nearly six weeks is a researcher, educator and practitioner in nurse anaesthesia.  He first volunteered at AHC in 2006 and has returned more than 25 times. The professor says that he has probably learnt more from AHC than he has taught them. His role as a clinical instructor and lecturer has evolved. Today, he facilitates and provides support while AHC does most of the clinical, didactic, and simulation teaching.

Professor Richard Henker said: “At AHC, everything is based on sustainability and efficiency. In the United States, our care is not sustainability and efficiency that’s an important point to reinforce in Cambodia – sustainability.”

The Hospital

Starting form 1999, the hospital has developed a wealth of expertise in paediatric, nursing and hospital management. This expertise is being shared with other healthcare institutions across Cambodia, with healthcare workers and nursing students and the government.

Hospital Director Ngoun Chanpheaktra said: “We have a committed team focussed on working together to save lives. This excellent teamwork means it is not unusual for our doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and social workers to work together holistically to treat one child and provide support to families.”

The results speak for themselves. Improved procedures with best results, reduced waiting time for treatment. Maintaining efficient and quality care, improved hygiene levels, reduced healthcare associated infections, and improved levels of patient satisfaction.

The hospital measures impact through the monitoring of key performance indicators across all departments – to ensure the organisation is delivering high-quality care and improving health standards.

Robert Gazzi

Board Chairman Robert Gazzi said: “Our ongoing commitment to the education of our own staff as well as other health professionals, medical students and the wider community continues to set AHC apart”. Something the hospital has been very well at achieving.

The quality and care provided to patients continues to be at the core of the hospital’s work. In addition, the setting and achieving of key performance indicators across all departments demonstrates how serious AHC is about delivering the best care and achieving the highest health outcomes.


The hospital provides high standards of paediatric care, which are comparable to ASEAN and other international paediatric centres. In collaboration with the Cambodian government, the hospital provides robust, evidence-based community services. It also develops specialist healthcare programs.

AHC also strives to be a centre of excellence for education and research within Cambodia. Efforts include its work to achieve accreditation for the hospital’s paediatric residency program. Achieve formal approval for Certificate in Paediatric Nursing (CPN) training, accreditation as a national level paediatric hospital. And to achieve National Ethic Board approval for AHC’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).

In addition, it has also been developing a portfolio of research areas in order to improve patient outcomes and healthcare practices. The hospital is also developing robust and reproducible training programs for all its departments, including management training.

Chief Executive Officer Claudia Turner said: “We provided nearly 164,00 [2017] treatments, continued the important work of education and best professional development and introduced some wonderful new programs to further improve healthcare and save more lives.”

AHC Goals

 AHC is committed to developing a strong and sustainable teamwork at a hospital, community and national level. To achieve this, it develops processes and procedures which ensure compassionate, high integrity and respectful treatment for patients by AHC staff.

The hospital works internally in a collaborative and transparent way, as a sympathetic and friendly employer. Taking account of staff feedback and function as a role model for the healthcare system in Cambodia and led by Cambodians.

A major ambition for the hospital is to become a replicable and sustainable model for healthcare in Cambodia.  To this end, the hospital has increased its profile across Cambodia, generated partnerships, deepened its relationship with donors, and compliance with local, national and international laws.

The hospital is also building strong communications abilities between board, managers and staff.

Our Successes at Angkor Hospital for Children

AHC has achieved close partnerships and working relationships with the Cambodian government, medical educational institutions, and other healthcare organisations. The hospital has developed, documented AHC practices and procedures, management practices which emphasise strong communication, collaboration and cross-disciplinary teamwork. There is also ongoing training and professional devilment for medical and operation staff for leadership succession planning as well as excellence in-service delivery.

At the end of the day, the hospital wants to increase access to and quality of care for Cambodian children by sharing and broadly disseminating AHC procedures, practices and policies for utilisation and adoption by an increased number of healthcare organisations, governmental and non-governmental.

Where Is Angkor Hospital for Children:

Tep Vong Road and Umchay street, Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap

P.O. Box 50, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

Volunteer application form:

Cycling For AHC

Many individual cyclist and cycling clubs, complete cycle charity runs for AHC. Once you become involved with AHC we are sure you will want to help. Cyclebodia will help in any way we can.

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