What About You

Why do so many websites have an unreasonable amount of space dedicated to “about us”, when it should be about you. Let us deal with us. We are a group of expats plus local Khmers who have gotten together to help you with information about all things Cambodian. We are here to answer any questions you want to ask us.

Our meet and greet service for those who enjoy having someone do the “heavy lifting” so that you can realx and enjoy yourself.

Or you might just need some information about something. We are pleased to help, with anything we can.

As a matter of interest in our group we have, Scots, Thais, Australians, Americans and obviously quite a few Cambodians.

Our experience covers a mulitude of skills. Hospitality, hotel management, tuk tuk drivers, bar staff, educators, musicians, graphic designers, web designers, farmers, students, bankers, travelers, social workers.

However, our focus is making your trip to Cambodia truly awesome.

The 2 sections below cover the most common questions. Click on any subject you need more information about.
Below that, is a collection of our blog posts. They are quite random – you never know what might interest you. Some are just great stories about Siem Reap and Cambodia, whilst others are academic pieces.


Our Blogs Are Amazing

Getting To Know You

A few minutes invested now, means that we can discover how we can match you to an awesome adventure in Cambodia with it’s ancient Khmer culture and modern outlook.

From a bucket list visit to Angkor Wat to eating at some of the best fusion restaurants in Asia. From a Singapore Sling at Raffles to exotic drinks at a cocktail bus by the river.